Project Manager for Contributor Experience


Sponsoring SIG:
Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack:!forum/kubernetes-sig-contribex for invite - #sig-contribex when you are on

Mentors/Point of Contact:
Slack (user name is ‘paris’; bio says I’m a slack admin)

We have a lot of projects going off in contributor experience!
Check out our project baord
So many that it’s getting hard to keep up without introducing more organized project management techniques. Right now, we do a modified standup at our weekly meetings and keep a project board that is mostly issues. Help would be greatly appreciated with the following:
-breaking down epics/setting up umbrella issues/pruning issues
-launch timelines to keep us on track and to help us communicate our deliverables
-setting milestones

Setting this up and creating it so that others can maintain in the future is key here.

Time Commitment: (best guess)
2 hours a week - may need to pad in more time in the beginning to set things up

Skills Required:
comfortable with working with GitHub project boards - any kind of past experience with a project management platform that is similar is fine
experience building launch timelines
understand how to break down an epic

k8s Membership Required: y/n (Some jobs will need privileged access to things, so be explicit here)
yes, if we use the github project board set up that we have now. if there is a recommendation to use something else that wouldn’t require membership, I’m all ears.



I would love to help out. After the thanksgiving holiday I will ping you on slack


We had 4+ people come forward as interested. Putting together a meeting. Visit contributor experience for more information/updates. Closing this thread. Thanks everyone!