Rebranding of open source projects Ark, Sonobuoy, Contour, and Gimbal


Hi Kubernetes community!

Heptio is now VMware and as you might imagine, it’s been a whirlwind for the past 8 weeks. Lots to learn, even more to do. Open Source is and always has been a part of VMware – and we are super happy that the vibrant and committed open source culture here at VMware grows even more. So what changes for these projects? Not much from a technical point of view, but there are some updates we’d like you to know.

There are a few name changes that will happen immediately. The most significant change is for Heptio Ark which has been renamed to Velero. Velero means sailboat in Spanish, which is consistent with our nautical theme. While the name Ark alluded to backup and recovery, the new Velero name signals that the project is capable of so much more.

The other name changes for Sonobuoy, Contour, and Gimbal are straightforward, we are simply removing the Heptio portion of the project name.

For more information and details about the change, please see this blog post by Ross Kukulinski and Tim Hinderliter: