Registry add-on - possible to list pushed images?

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I am working with MicroK8s for the first time. I’ve successfully enabled the built-in registry plugin, tagged and pushed an image, and started up a pod from the image. I’m coming from OpenShift and learning Kubernetes. In MicroK8s is there an equivalent to the OpenShift oc command to list images? E.g.:

oc get imagestream -n somenamespace

This shows the images (OpenShift image streams) that I have pushed to the internal OpenShift image registry. Wondering if there is a MicroK8s equivalent for the built-in registry add-on. I’ve tried various microk8s ctr commands but do not see the pushed images. Thanks

Could you try to GET the catalog as describe here: ?

That pointed me to the right direction. Here’s what worked to get an image I had pushed earlier:

$ curl -X GET http://localhost:32000/v2/_catalog
$ curl  -X GET http://localhost:32000/v2/images/nginx/tags/list
$ curl  -X GET http://localhost:32000/v2/images/nginx/manifests/latest
   "schemaVersion": 1,
   "name": "images/nginx",
   "tag": "latest",
   "architecture": "amd64",
   "fsLayers": [

I was hoping for something integrated into the MicroK8s CLI but - this gets the job done. Thank you.

There was a PR [1] from a community member to put the reg tool in to the MicroK8s snap package. It is half done. If you, or anyone else would like to finish that work it would have been great. Thanks


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