[Sept 5th] Meet Our Contributors (+Steering Committee Edition!)



Continuing our monthly tradition of mentors on demand we will have two episodes tomorrow, September 5th. This is a great space to ask questions that you would normally address with a mentor to guide you through contributing to the project - open to new AND current contributors.

We start the livestream a minute or so after the start of the sessions. Watch us live here: https://www.youtube.com/c/KubernetesCommunity/live or watch the recording after. We collect questions in the #meet-our-contributors slack channel on the k8s team or DM me for anonymity. Queue them up!

230pm UTC / 730am PT:

Regular session of a panel of mentors to answer your questions about contributing. Ask your questions to (by GH id):




8pm UTC / 1pm PT:

Steering Committee Edition! 7 of 12 of our Steering Committee members will be present (by GH id):








This will be a good session to ask questions about governance, history, priorities for the committee, their personal k8s journeys as founders and/or community stewards. (ps - I heard there is an election coming up 😉). We will have a steering committee edition once a month switching times.

In future sessions, we are happy to do codebase walk throughs, how to do PR reviews, etc. but need some planning to make sure we have the right folks on the call. Queue these requests in the same channels as above.

Want to be a mentor on the show? Reach out to me direct and we can schedule you for an upcoming session. If you want to help but can’t carve out dedicated time to meet with mentees regularly, this is for you

[Sept 5th] Meet Our Contributors [+Steering Committee Edition!]