Several questions about k8s automation

when I read this document

Before a PR from an unknown user is run, the PR builder bot ( @k8s-ci-robot ) asks to a message from a kubernetes member that a PR is safe to test, the member can reply with the /ok-to-test command on a single line to begin CI testing.

Any pushes of new code to the PR will automatically trigger a new test

I have several questions:

  1. k8s member refers to the who?
    k8s member = reviewers? or k8s member = reviewers + approvers?

  2. Any pushes of new code to the PR will automatically trigger a new test, is it mean after PR created the new content push to PR ? or from the initialization of PR?

  3. I checked PRs of kubernetes in GitHub, I found most PRs do not have /ok-to-test command under comments. whether mean not all of PRs are necessary to test?
    such as:
    Add e2e test helpers for DaemonSets by creydr · Pull Request #105486 · kubernetes/kubernetes · GitHub

It is any person that is a member of the Kubernetes GitHub Org (or kubernetes-sigs if you’re working there)

(assuming the PR has /ok-to-test or is from an Org Member)

Both - Tests will run when you first open your PR, and they will run again if you push any changes to it. For example if you push up some suggested changes from a review, tests will then be re-run.

/ok-to-test is only needed if the PR author is not a member of the GitHub org. Our tests are expensive and depending on what’s being modified can take a significant amount of time to complete. We trust that our Org members understand this and won’t spam small changes to retrigger CI and waste our resources.

For PRs from non org members, they must get pre-approval to run our tests and that is done by an org member replying on a PR with /ok-to-test.

Thanks for your responsible answer, but I still have two more questions about it:

  1. How to become a Kubernetes GitHub Org member?
  2. Before a non org member push PR to k8s, he/she has run Unit test, Integration test and e2e test in local, so there do not need the member to trigger /ok-to-test, right?

but how about a new feature code PR?
whether there need author write Unit test/Integration test/e2e test code for the new code?

We have a general guide for what is required to be an org member outlined in our community membership docs.

People should run what tests they can before submitting their PR. We still need to run it to make sure it can be merged once submitted though.

They will need to write their tests, and most new features are thoroughly outlined in a Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal and go through significant design review and sign off before development.