SIG Apps is looking for a CronJob Maintainer


Sponsoring SIG: SIG Apps

SIG List/Slack:

Mentors/Point of Contact: See the SIG Apps chairs for more detail

While the CronJob API appears to be sufficient, the controller that handles CronJob needs work and is the reason CronJob is not GA. The CronJob controller needs to be mostly re-written in order to scale to large numbers of CronJobs.

Time Commitment: Several months to rewrite and test the new controller

Skills Required: The ability to write a controller in Kubernetes using Go and the ability to scale a service to a large scale.

k8s Membership Required: y



I’m very much interested in this opportunity and would like to contribute to the CronJob API.
I have GoLang expertise and will need a bit of hand holding to start with. I’m a fast learner so should be flying solo pretty soon.
Since I’m new to the k8s discussion board, would be kind enough to guide me to getting started with this effort?



Hello Nikhil.

In the past few SIG Apps meetings we have talked about how to approach this.

  1. We are looking for some major updates to the CronJob controller but not the API. A couple people will be creating a Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal (KEP) for this.
  2. You can start by reading the CronJob code to learn about it. CronJob is different from other controllers.
  3. Ken Owens (SIG Apps co-chair) offered to do a walk through of CronJob to help explain it. There is an email thread about it at!topic/kubernetes-sig-apps/g5BU5EGHDBs
  4. An easy way to get started would be to contribute tests for CronJob. This will improve coverage so there are better tests to detect regressions when changes are made.
  5. Joining SIG Apps calls when we talk about workloads would also help

If you start here and ask questions in slack or on the SIG Apps mailing list we can help you get moving.