SIG ContribEx is looking for a YouTube Vid Editor


Sponsoring SIG: SIG Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack: #sig-contribex is best for this ( for an invite)

Mentors/Point of Contact: @parispittman

We do a ton of YouTube based programs like Meet Our Contributors. We are in the process of setting up automation and other features that will allow transcripts, chat, etc. but would like to do that for previous sessions.

We would like the previous episodes to be bookmarked by question and then we will clip them for more digestable, searchable nuggets of kubernetes contributor info.

Example: a good clip would be of phil wittrock (pwittrock) describing the difference of a sig/wg/subproject around 7:17 into this video ->

Time Commitment: (best guess)
Every little clip helps? Maybe 10 hours total to transcript, bookmark, and make some clips of really good content that others would benefit from?

Skills Required:
capability to sit through long youtube videos (1 hour in length; 9) :slight_smile:
experience with a video editor to trim videos and uploading them to drive or dropbox
mega plus - youtube creator studio

k8s Membership Required: y/n (Some jobs will need privileged access to things, so be explicit here)