Thumbnails for the Kubernetes YouTube Channel



Sponsoring SIG: SIG Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack: Slack channel / Mailing list

Mentors/Point of Contact: @castrojo

Description: Our YouTube channel has 9000+ followers, and I’d like to make it look more professional when posting the community meeting videos. Here’s an example of what our thumbnail looks like now:

Ideally you’d submit a handful of images so that we can rotate these out and keep them fresh for the community. It needs the following text:

“Weekly Community Meeting”
"Every Thursday, 5pm UTC
“Stream starting soon!” (or similar text)

The images should be redistributable (mentioning attribution on the slide is ok), and also don’t forget to put your own name on there. :smiley:

Should a PNG in 16:9 format.

Time Commitment: 2 hours (I think?)

Skills Required: Some form of artistic talent that is better than mine.

k8s Membership Required: Nope, open to all!