Use Cases for Windows in Kubernetes


I’d like to hear about your use cases for Windows containers in Kubernetes. Are you lifting and shifting an older ASP.NET app? Are you refactoring to use the latest in Windows tech? Are you waiting for support for Linux Containers on Windows using Hyper-V isolation? Let us know!



We occasionally need to run Windows-based software for things like browser testing or to do integration work with customers. Currently, this requires separate effort using GCE. It would be great to leverage the same operational stack for legacy Windows integrations.

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We have a fair amount of dated and dotnet applications we would like to modernize at some point and doing lift and shift into containers is one of the options we are exploring to reduce the amount of servers/support they consume.

Also would be looking to develop newer dotnet apps and deploying them via containers.

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Lifting and shifting older .Net applications. WCF and Asp.Net (.Net 4.7.2). Been hoping for Windows container support for a while. Would love to be able to host our applications in AKS.

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In terms of security for Windows Containers, have there been any best practices put forth for running them securely yet?


Windows container security

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I will follow up in the new thread. Thanks!



Currently we are running a large, new application in .NET Core and .NET Framework. We are looking to containerize the application as a whole which is already fairly micro-serviced.

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We have a large data ingestion process that consumes data from agriculture implements (tractors, planters, sensors, etc…) and does a bunch of processing for it. We rely on many OEM components to do the up-front data translation from proprietary formats. Some of these are modern enough to run on .Net Core in Linux, but others are not and have Windows dependencies.
The current ingestion is hosted on AKS in Linux containers, but we very soon we need to onboard formats with Windows dependencies, so need them to run in native Windows containers.

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Hi Craig,

I just did a brief presentation that touched on Windows Containers and a few questions came up.

I think these are most likely out of scope but thought I’d check just in case. Have you encountered anyone trying to containerize aspects of Sharepoint or Dynamics with Windows Containers?




I have not, but I’ll ask around. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



Fantastic!, thanks Craig!
I found out after one of our Devs actually built a CI/CD for Dynamics but is currently using VM’s for the build process which is pretty cool. He’s very excited about trying out windows container so we’re going to hopefully be porting that too a Windows Container soon :slight_smile: