Useful tools for contributors


Tools that are useful to people contributing to k8s

Since we’re constantly in github and markdown and google docs and so on I thought I’d collect a list of useful tools/must-haves for contributors. This topic is a wiki so please feel free to add your own!

Google Docs -> Markdown Converter

This one here is clutch for converting things from Google Docs to Markdown. This is useful for notetakers since it allows you to then post the output of the notes either here or on a list and have it be readable and generate links. The best part is it also lets you select part of a document to convert to markdown:

This one is great if you’re at a meetup and need to take notes as a group! It’s basically googledocs for markdown. People can login with their github account and just start collaborating on a document.

And here are plugins for browsers. These add a “edit in” button to your github page so that you can collaborate on a document and then commit it right to github. (Currently only exports to a gist, so this is a great companion).

HackMD-it for Chrome
HackMD-it for Firefox
HackMD-it issue tracker

Bonus link: CodiMD Helm Chart - free software version of HackMD, which has been great for on-prem notes! (Thanks to Chadswen for this tip!)


This is great for snagging content from the k8s youtube channel for offline use, like if you’re about to get on a plane:

  • Last month’s worth of community meetings: youtube-dl -i --dateafter now-1month PL69nYSiGNLP1pkHsbPjzAewvMgGUpkCnJ

Meeting Planning Tools

Slack Tips

If you want to link directly to a slack channel use this format: