Videos from the Kubernetes Contributor Summit are now available



Just a heads up that the videos from the contributor summit are now available. Since we had limited space we had to limit attendance, however the content in here is very important so we’re trying to make sure we get the word out. You can help by sharing these playlists!

Current Contributor Workshop

These are important as they outline the plans for 2019! They go deep and technical, so if you are using Kubernetes in production or have a team of people at work looking into the technology, then we highly recommend going through these videos.

New Contributor Workshop:

These videos are geared for people who are not just consuming Kubernetes, but want to learn how to get started and what resources are available. They explain how our workflow works, how github is organized, and all sorts of getting started topics.

Afternoon BoF sessions are currently missing, but as soon as they’re available I’ll add them to the list.