Wanted: Kubernetes Needs a Discuss Wrangler & Shepherding Team


Wanted: Kubernetes Needs a Discuss Wrangler & Shepherding Team

Sponsoring SIG: SIG Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack: https://contributor.kubernetes.io/sigs/sig-contributor-experience/

Mentors/Point of Contact: @Jorge

We are looking for a wrangler to organize a small team of shepherds whose mission is to drive deeper engagement among the SIG leaders with the Kubernetes community through Kubernetes’ presence on https://discuss.kubernetes.io/. With this team, you’ll help educate and engage those interested in learning more about Kubernetes and our community. You’ll devise an engagement plan and strategy, participate in regular SIG meetings and bring forth discussions within these meetings, and report back to the community on a regular basis. We welcome your creativity and awesome ideas in driving engagement with the Kubernetes community through this volunteer role! Here are a few examples of some of the tasks we envision for this role:

• Look for questions that are receiving high traffic, and surface these questions to SIG leaders as opportunities for engagement
• Devise smarter ways to connect good questions with relevant SIGs
• Keep the community informed of what’s happening on Discuss, and consider seeding community meetings with ‘questions of the week’
• Analyze top trafficked questions and ensure that answers link to relevant upstream documentation
• Help organize tags, and ensure the description and tag wiki are up to date (this might involve work in other tags, like “kubeadm” or “kubectl”)
• Clean up old questions, ask for clarification of new ones, etc.
• Find ways to engage with the existing Discuss community and reward new contributors (e.g. clever contests, ‘top 10’ contributors, etc.)
• Consider seeding content for the Discuss forum, as needed, by raising topics of interest with the intent of generating discussion
• Develop meaningful metrics to measure success to help us better understand how to improve our interactions and engagement through Discuss (not just ‘question answered percentage’), and quarterly reports

Time Commitment:
Not sure, this can be anywhere from a few hours a week to hours a day depending on how deep you want to go. This would probably work better as a team and not just one individual.

Skills Required:
• Working knowledge of how Discuss works, with the ability to engage a team and communicate with top users
• Good English composition and editing skills
• Moderate user knowledge of Kubernetes


@Nicole_Huesman Are you still looking for a wrangler? I would like to volunteer but I see that the contact point @jorge brings up three possible names . I’m not sure which jorge to reach out to. Would appreciate if you could guide me. Thanks.


Thanks so much for your interest! Yes, I think we’re interested in building a team of wranglers, so very much appreciate your willingness to dive in. I’m looping in @nabrahams here, as he was also working on the team pulling needs together & I believe he can help point you in the right direction.


@Nicole_Huesman thanks very much. @nabrahams Would appreciate if you could guide on getting started. Many thanks.


@Udviv Just as an FYI - there may not be an update till next week. Much of the community is currently at KubeCon and replies may be delayed till they get back.


@mrbobbytables sure no worries :slight_smile:


I am interested in being a wrangler. I am motivated and ready to contribute @Nicole_Huesman


Maybe we could meet at KubeCon those interested in being wranglers @Nicole_Huesman