Weave Flux 1.11.0 adds garbage collection for cluster resources and git commit signing


Flux 1.11.0

@2opremio 2opremio released this a day ago

This release comes with experimental garbage collection and Git commit signing:

  1. Experimental garbage collection of cluster resources. When providing the --sync-garbage-collection flag, namespace-scoped cluster resources no longer existing in Git will be removed. Read the garbage collection documentation for further details.

  2. GPG Git commit signing, when providing --git-signing-key flag. GPG keys can be imported with --git-gpg-key-import . By default Flux will import to and use the keys in ~/.gnupg . This path can be overridden by setting the GNUPGHOME environment variable.Commit signature verification is in the works and will be released shortly.



Maintenance and documentation


Lots of thanks to 2opremio, Timer, @bboreham, @dholbach, dimitropoulos, @hiddeco, scjudd, @squaremo and @stefanprodan for their contributions to this release.

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As a follow-up release, here’s Weave Flux 1.11.1:

Flux 1.11.1

@2opremio 2opremio released this 14 hours ago

This is a bugfix release, fixing a regression introduced in 1.11.0 which caused
syncs to fail when adding a CRD and instance(s) from that CRD at the same time.