What's the meaning of squashing in k8s?

In the PR squashing:

there have this paragram:

Your reviewer has finally sent you feedback on Feature-X.

Make the fixups, and don’t squash yet. Put them in a new commit, and re-push. That way your reviewer can look at the new commit on its own, which is much faster than starting over.

I don’t understand Put them in a new commit, and re-push, what’s the meaning ? is it mean I should squash commits in my local/repo and push -f to $user/repo then make pull request again?

Back when I was using Github, the squashing is done by merge. I don’t know what is mean in there.

For small PRs you can squash them yourself. For larger PRs it is often easier to review a new commit (and push or push -f) and then squash.

We have a label that allows the merge-bot to do the squash, but GitHub only does “full” squashes. Sometimes you want 2 or more commits in a single PR, and you may have to manually squash to achieve that.