Windows Developer Looking to Help Out


Experienced windows developer looking to help out with minikube and other places.

Name: Scott Sargent

How to Contact Me:

Skills: Windows, Linux, Golang (learning), Python (learning), C#, Powershell, Sysadmin things on both windows and linux.

Area where you’re looking to help: Minikube to start, other places as applicable

Time available to commit: A couple evenings a week and some time on weekends


If you’d like to dive into the minikube, they’ve done a pretty good job of labeling their issues with good first issue :slight_smile: There are a couple windows ones over there too.


Good Idea, I’ll check those out, thank you!


You can also find the backlog of Windows work on the SIG-Windows project board. Please come join the SIG-Windows group by joining the mailing list and slack channel.