Working from home tips and tricks

Hi everyone,

I know a bunch of people are now working from home that haven’t before so I thought I’d start collating some resources for everyone so we can all share good tips and tricks without digging through tons of transient twitter posts. I’ve marked this post a wiki so feel free to edit, also feel free to just reply with your own tips.

General Tips



Gearwise, most gaming headsets also work very well for video conferencing, have a good sound, and are fairly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I’ve got a Corsair Void Pro that works very well. One I’m eyeing that was shared with me by someone in another community was an Arctis 7.


At Pivotal (now VMware Tanzu) on Cloud Foundry we have a lot of experience working on distributed teams with a significant number of folks working from home. We continue to pair program remotely so good headsets (I love my Sennheiser) and tools (Zoom, tmux, etc.) along with a remote-first attitude toward meeting facilitation is key.

Denise Yu recently wrote a good blog post that compiles some of this advice:
Remote Collaboration Advice from Former Pivots

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