2021 Prod Readiness Survey - Help Make Kubernetes Better!

TL;DR: Cluster operators please fill out the prod readiness survey here:

Hi all,

In 2020 Q1 we did a survey of cluster operators to help inform the SIG Architecture Production Readiness Subproject. It’s time to repeat that, with the goal being to get a measure of K8s reliability and help us ensure PRR is useful.

We instituted optional production readiness reviews about a year ago, and they became mandatory in 1.21. We plan to do an annual survey to determine the effectiveness of these reviews.

The goal of the SIG Architecture Production Readiness Subproject is to implement review processes and tooling to ensure that features added to Kubernetes are “production ready”. In this context, that means the features are:

  • Observable - you can tell that it is in use and working properly, and are able to define reasonable service level objectives for the feature.
  • Supportable - the feature is well documented with a playbook covering failure modes, dependencies and what happens when those fail or degrade, and a troubleshooting guide.
  • Scalable - the feature does not introduce scaling issues.
  • Recoverable - the feature can be disabled or rolled back easily and without data loss

The intent of this survey is to understand how these issues have affected existing Kubernetes users with past versions. This will be used to improve and inform the review process, as well as to measure the effectiveness of this program.

All questions are optional.

Again, the form is here: https://forms.gle/scyYXWcXdRAZkmCc8

Thank you for your time,
Prod Readiness Team