3 vms microk8s cluster, sql server on same local subnet

my knowledge of kubernetes networking is lacking…

im completely stumped. i have a 3 node microk8s cluster. 3 vms running ubuntu. all 3 vms have 10.1.10.x addresses. i have a database server running on a server on the same 10.1.10.x subnet local LAN. i need a service on a pod in the kubernetes cluster to connect to the db server on the local lan. the db server is not part of the kubernetes system.

i ran wireshark and what i see on the server running sql server is the request from the pod with a kubernetes internal lan source address. so when my db server sends the reply it does not get back to pod. i suspect it goes to my router who cant route it.

what i think is that some sort of nating should take place as the request exits the pod so that the reply from the db server gets back to the pod. obviously there is no router involved between the pod and the db server.

i can run a shell on a pod and ping an internet address. i assume this is because my router does some ‘magic’ in between the pod and the internet.