404 not found page being displayed

I have an EKS cluster that I inherited (no documentation). The cluster hadnt been upgraded in years. I was tasked to upgrade it. The version on nginx-ingress was from quay.io which is no longer maintained. I was able to upgrade the cluster to 1.23 and installed the official nginx-ingress version. I got the helm values before deleting the old Ingress and I applied the same values to the new ingress. The problem I am having now is that all the page hosts are displaying 404 not found. The ingress is pointing to an HAProxy which in turn talks to the application. When I hop on to the new ingress pod and I curl one of the hosts, curl goes back out and in and I again get the 404 not found. But when I curl one of the redirects on the HAProxy from the same ingress box, I get the site.

It seem to be the way the new ingress is trying to talk to the HAProxy. I have not redeployed the HA proxy because it seems to be working on 1.23. Also the HAProxy does not have logging turned on, so I cant see any logs.
(I dont want to redesign this cluster until it is fully upgraded. There are plenty of things I would change on here.) Questions.

  1. Is there an easy way to turn logging on on the HAProxy?
  2. What other troubleshooting steps could I do to figure out what is wrong with this ingress controller?