Accessing logs volumes from host


Wanted to check if the container logs volume from windows docker host C:\programdata\docker\containers is available to be mounted on a pod/daemonset so i can harvest the logs as i would do in a Linux Docker host environment using something like filebeat ?

I tried this on my pod:


  • mountPath: ‘c:\ContainerLogs’
    name: dockerlogs
    readOnly: true

    • name: dockerlogs
      path: ‘c:\programdata\docker\containers’

But i don’t see ‘fluentd’ harvesting any container logs.
When I exec into the container with pshw.exe and do dir c:\ContainerLogs', i get error Get-ChildItem: Access to the path 'C:\containerlogs' is denied. so wondering if fluented is also not able to read the logs ?
Do i need to do anything special to share/read the container logs from docker host ?
I am running in AWS EKS with amazon/Windows_Server-2019-English-Full-EKS_Optimized-1.17-2020.11.12 as windows kubernetes node.