Add on: Traefik Ingress

:warning:Traefik is available on the latest and 1.20+ tracks.

This addon adds the Traefik Ingress Controller. It is enabled by running the command:

microk8s enable traefik

The ingress controller is exposed as a NodePort service on port 8080.

This is awesome! Do you have any tips on how to get a simple pod deployed/get the traefik dashboard?

Awesome, indeed! I would also love to see a guide for this. I have been struggling for quite some time now and have been unable to set up a simple deployment exposed through Traefik. Bonus points for Let’s Encrypt SSL generation :smile:

This really is begging for a guide. I tried to just follow Traefik’s own documentation and hit a blocker early on where the docs assume you’ve installed Traefik in one of a few specific ways, none of which are adding it via an addon mechanism. Under the hood, is the addon mechanism compatible with using Helm charts for example?

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