Allowing "Paused" as a Pod/Container State?

We are trying to engineer a Container as a Service platform and we realise that “pausing” containers (a state which both Docker/containerd supports) would be very beneficial to enforce the execution boundary contract, but also to allow us to as a next step write memory state to disk to avoid coldstarts.
As far as I can find, there are no discussions or suggestions around introducing more pod states and the only thing similar I can find is a Knative extension called container-freezer which is deprecated.

We do believe this to be a valuable addition to Kubernetes and introducing it to the Pod resource could allow load balancers to be even more intelligent in picking pods that are “running” first, then “paused” then perhaps “frozen” before scaling out.

Are there any alternatives to achieve a similar result whilst still using native Kubernetes resources? :slight_smile:

Thankful for any input!