Anyone running a Linux/Windows cluster on AWS?

Hi all,

We are trying to get a Linux/Windows cluster up and running on AWS. We started off with a kops based Linux only cluster deciding to use the aws-vpc-cni plugin. Now, I am trying to get a Windows node to join the cluster. Kubernetes upstream docs suggest flannel for CNI networking - which is OK for me to change to. However, work on flannel on Windows seems to be in various stages of development. I am keen to use the vxlan backend, and not use use host-gw.

I am wondering if anyone in the community is running a hybrid Linux/Windows cluster in production on AWS and how they are doing it.


Hey amitsaha.

We are struggling with the same problem, when trying to join a Windows node to a Linux cluster.
We seem to be able to connect the node to the cluster, but not to run pods on it.
Specifically, flannel and kube-proxy.

Did you manage to solve your difficulties?