Asterisk (*) is not working in ingress Path rules

We have various core containers with REST APIs hosted in Azure Kubernetes Service
Each REST API service implements many HTTP methods with different routes but has common base route (based on controller name).
Requirements is to route the request to different service based starting route value, e.g. All requests starting with “/user” route user service or products APIs requests to product service.
We have added path as "/user/* ", "/product/* " in the path section of the kubernetes ingress.
Asterisk (*) is not working

Kindly suggest.

I don’t have a cluster handy to try, but path should support regex in any ingress resources.

What happens (sorry, it’s been a while and I truly don’t remember) if you just use “/user”? And “user/”? And /user/.*"?

Does any of those work?

Sorry I can’t tell by hard which should do it and I don’t have a cluster handy. But I guess one of those should do it.

Please report back :slight_smile:

Also, docs regarding the ingress controller you are using maybe has examples for that use case, right? Have you checked them?