Bare Metal and Cloud Volumes

Our team is looking deploy our platform locally and remotely. Locally we would like to use the filesystem as a volume and remotely on AWS, Elastic Storage. Is this possible?

I don’t know enough about your planned setup, but with the information you shared I’d say yes.

You can use Persistent Volume Claims in your application, those can translate to a local Persistent Volume in one cluster and to an EBS volumes in the other. Probably, just creating a storage class with the same name, in one cluster to use local volumes and in the other to use EBS should do the trick?

Amazing this is what I thought. Could you show a simple example?

I don’t have any handy, but I’m sure you can find one or read a little about it and try it yourself.

But don’t hesitate to ask if something doesn’t work out. And, even better, please share your examples :slight_smile: