Best way to reference a base64 license string hash within YAML files

Hello all. In order to stand up a new version of my application, I need to pass a base64 string hash, which is the license file needed to complete the bootstrap of the app. Today this hash is hardcoded within one of the YAML files. My question is, what's the best option to handle this? I've tried to use environment variables to pass the license dynamically but it didn't work, or I wasn't able to make it work. Just wondering what folks are using out there. Thank you.

Have you tried using secrets?

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Secrets or configmaps are the way to go. Have you tried that?

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Forgot to mention if you are using a cloud provider you may want to look at there secret management solution or Vault .

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First of all thanks everybody who took some time to answer my topic. I have tried secrets before and it didn’t work. At least not the way I tried. Today there is a configMap with the license base64 hash there. What I want is to have this license saved in a file somewhere and the Kubernetes deployments to use it. It can be an environment variable as well. I just didn’t find a way do that actually…


Can you please elaborate on what you tried exactly and which errors do you see?

IIUC your requirements, your use case is totally covered. So there might be some mistake we can fix in your config

@Alan_Cota like @rata said it would be good to see some error messages and maybe some examples of the yaml files you’re using.

Where and how is the string hardcoded in your yaml? How are you passing it to the container at the moment?

How is the bootstrap picking up this value?