Blockchain on Kubernetes

Hi everyone
I’m somewhat new to Kubernetes. My team is currently working on how to implement blockchain on Kubernetes. We have around five application drivers, namely Reader, Writer, Processor etc., which does their own tasks. Each one of them is a sperate Docker image. On the other hand, we have deployed one master node and 3 worker nodes in the cloud server. So my doubts are:

  1. Do we need more than three K8s nodes?
  2. Is it feasible or even possible to apply blockchain on K8s in the long run?
  3. As the number of user increases, can we scale the nodes without downtime?

Thanks in advance for any feedbacks and suggestions

  1. If the machine that hosts your pod is able to manage it, there no reason to run more nodes.
  2. Yes, but watch out for storage. Kubernetes doesn’t manage storage expansion, so you need to monitor it and extend manually, do backups if you need them.
  3. If you’re implement decentralized blockchain, then you can more easily scale without Kubernetes.