Building and running E2E performance tests on an existing Kubespray cluster

I built the ginkgo, e2e.test and kubectl with:

make all WHAT=cmd/kubectl && \
make all WHAT=vendor/ && \
make all WHAT=test/e2e/e2e.test

When I run the performance tests with, I get the following error:

./_output/bin/e2e.test -- --host= --provider=local --ginkgo.v=true --kubeconfig=/root/.kube/config --ginkgo.focus="Performance" --ginkgo.skip="Serial|Slow" --ginkgo.failFast=false
W0220 14:50:51.068979    5201 test_context.go:410] Unable to find in-cluster config, using default host :
I0220 14:50:51.069000    5201 test_context.go:419] Tolerating taints "" when considering if nodes are ready
Feb 20 14:50:51.069: INFO: The --provider flag is not set. Continuing as if --provider=skeleton had been used.
I0220 14:50:51.069138    5201 e2e.go:109] Starting e2e run "cb610a13-e541-4c0b-a3f1-65c369c2b543" on Ginkgo node 1
{"msg":"Test Suite starting","total":4037,"completed":0,"skipped":0,"failed":0}
Running Suite: Kubernetes e2e suite
Random Seed: 1582206649 - Will randomize all specs
Will run 4037 of 4814 specs

Feb 20 14:50:51.088: INFO: >>> kubeConfig: 
F0220 14:50:51.088943    5201 e2e.go:217] Error loading client: error creating client: open /var/run/secrets/ no such file or directory

Anyone has an idea how to solve the problem and run E2E performance tests on a bare-metal cluster ?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.17.0
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method: Kubespray
Host OS: Debian 10

This command must work:

./_output/bin/e2e.test -kubeconfig "/root/.kube/config" -ginkgo.focus "Performance" -allowed-not-ready-nodes 1 -e2e-output-dir $OUTPUT_DIR -num-nodes 2 -ginkgo.skip "Serial|Slow" -ginkgo.failFast 'false'