Can someone provide steps to prepare kubernetes cluster with IPV6?

Can some one provide steps to create kubernetes cluster with IPV6 using kubeadm. (Pure IPV6 or dual stack, anything is fine)

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.17
Host OS: RHEL 7.2

I have 2 RHEL7 machines on which IPV6 enabled (dual-stack) along with IPv4. I installed docker and enabled IPV6 setting in docker daemon.js file. Now installed kubeadm 1.17 on these machines.

Provide me some steps to prepare cluster with one master and one node with IPv6. I am planning to using calico as network provide for this cluster/pods.

  1. What is the command to init cluster with IPV6? kubeadm init --?
  2. Which yaml files/configfiles need to edit to work with IPV6 and what are the modifications required?
  3. To deploy calico network, which calico.yaml required and any modifications required to this file?

Thank you for your help in advance.