Can "Spring Cloud Config" be incorporated into "kubernates"?


I am a beginner of kubernates.
I have a question.
Is it possible to incorporate “Spring Cloud Config” into “kubernates” without using configMap and use it as a configuration resource service?
What is the introduction procedure if possible?


Not sure what Sprint cloud config is and how it works.

But, basically, in kubernetes you are running a process. How would you do it without containers running processes? It is probably quite similar with containers, you are running processes too.

Or does it have some “identification”/identify for each server or something?


Thank you .
Since “ConfigMap” is a product included in the Config & Storage resource which is the core of kubernates, try incorporating “Spring Cloud Config” as a custom resource setting of kubernates.
If you do that, I think that ‘Spring Cloud Config’ may work in kubernates’ process. .


So, again, how do you run it? I think there lies the key :slight_smile: