Changing kubeconfig pointer location


I am setting up my kubernetes environment locally on ubuntu 20.04.5 terminal and when I try to switch contexts for example from context-A to context-B in a cluster - I get:
Merged “context-B” as current context in C:\Users\my.user\.kube\config

The problem is that since az aks is pointing to kube config in C: and not in Ubuntu itself - the context doesn’t actually update and I still see resources from context-A.

How do I make it point at /home/myuser/.kube/config - ubuntu location, instead of the C: one?

Thank you!

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:
Cloud being used: Azure
Installation method: brew
Host OS: Ubuntu

You can set the kubeconfig path by giving the path to the KUBECONFIG environment variable. You can do it by executing the following command.

export KUBECONFIG=/home/myuser/.kube/config

Or you can make it permanent by adding that line to the end of the bashrc file. You can use your favorite text editor to do that.

nano ~/.bashrc

And then execute the following command.

source ~/.bashrc