Cilium cluster mesh on separate sites

I’m trying to create a cilium cluster mesh between two clusters on two separate “sites” and i’m not sure how to do it.
Each cluster is installed on a separate VM in my virtualbox. The VM’s “WAN” interface sits on the same bridge, and i advertise with BIRD the relevant networks as needed.
The official documentation on cilium and how-to-s i have found, seem to imply but not litterally state that one should create both clusters on the same nodes with different contexts. But surely, there is a way to do this between separate sites with a unique cluster per site?

I’m following this Kubernetes multi-cluster implementation in under 10 minutes | by Akriotis Kyriakos | ITNEXT
But when i try to connect the clusters, i do it with this command on athens-region:

cilium clustermesh connect --destination-endpoint <ip-of-cluster-2>:2379

then I get this error:

Error: Unable to connect cluster: remote and local cluster have the same, non-unique name: athens-region

It sees the other cluster as having the same “name” and “id”, which doesn’t make sense.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: kind v.1.27.3
Cloud being used: baremetal
Installation method: kind
Host OS: Ubuntu 22.0
CNI and version: Cilium 1.14.2
CRI and version: containerd 1.7.1