CNCF Cloud Native Survey - closes FRIDAY Sept 13

Leading my first survey with CNCF, the cloud native 2019 survey.
Help me out! Take the survey! It’s 15 mins of your time!

The goal of this survey is to understand the state of Kubernetes, container, and serverless adoption and use in the cloud native space.

This is the 7th time we have taken the temperature of the infrastructure software marketplace to better understand the adoption of cloud native technologies. We will collect and share insights on:

  • The production usage of CNCF-hosted projects
  • The changing landscape of application development
  • How companies are managing their software development cycles
  • Cloud native in production and the benefits
  • Challenges in using and deploying containers

Please share your thoughts on the survey! Share to your followers on Twitter (and here is a Tweet you can RT). The more answers, the better!

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