Coming from Docker to Kubernetes

I am new to Kubernetes but there is something I don’t get. I managed to build a full dockerized application with 6 services, docker-compose, docker file, … I just found Kompose, is it the right way do to things ? Today, I am using a Dockerfiles, a registry, … How will it be transferred to Kub ?

Me and my team are coming from classic sys admin, but K8s is the solution to work closer with Dev teams and to build stronger architectures.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.15.1
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method: on premise
Host OS: Debian 10
CNI and version:
CRI and version:

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Kubernetes will use the docker registry to download the container images and run them. Containers usually run inside pods, that is a kubernetes concept.

Kompose, I’m not really familiar with, but I think it is just a tool to get kubernetes yamls equivalent from docker compose. You can use either that or create them from scratch. Usually is not much work to build from scratch, and it helps you to understand the kubernetes concepts and abstractions you will be using.

Kompose is a good starting point, but I would highly recommend getting familiar with the different resource types in Kubernetes and pruning/customizing it for your environment.

You still need to build and host the containers that are build from Dockerfiles. Most of that sort of tooling stays in place.