Commands not getting displayed in telnet prompt inside Kuberenets container

Hi All,

I have created a server thread (this server thread listens at some port e.g. 1234) which is running inside a Kubernetes container. Inside the Kubernetes container, I execute command “telnet 1234” to create a telnet connection to that port running inside that Kubernetes container.

I am able to get the telnet prompt but when I type any commands in telnet prompt e.g. “help”, the characters “help” are NOT getting displayed in telnet prompt, Can anybody help us in his regard ?


Just to add on, we have debugged and found that telnet client we are using is working in “line” Mode.

  1. We have tried to change the telnet mode from “line” to “character” mode, but it is throwing the below error. Can some one help us how to change the mode from “line” to “character” ?
    telnet> mode character
    ?Need to be connected first.
    ‘mode ?’ for help.

  2. Also when we set the “echo” to “yes” using below command, the commands we type in telnet prompt is displayed occasionally. Can someone help us why setting “echo” to “yes” is not helping to display the command (we type in telnet prompt) always ?

telnet> set echo “yes”
echo character is ‘y’.
telnet> display
will flush output when sending interrupt characters.
won’t send interrupt characters in urgent mode.
won’t skip reading of ~/.telnetrc file.
won’t map carriage return on output.
will recognize certain control characters.
won’t turn on socket level debugging.
won’t print hexadecimal representation of network traffic.
won’t print user readable output for “netdata”.
won’t show option processing.
won’t print hexadecimal representation of terminal traffic.

echo [y]
escape [^]]
rlogin [off]
tracefile “(standard output)”
flushoutput [^O]
interrupt [^C]
quit [^]
eof [^D]
erase [^?]
kill [^U]
lnext [^V]
susp [^Z]
reprint [^R]
worderase [^W]
start [^Q]
stop [^S]
forw1 [off]
forw2 [off]
ayt [^T]