Communication problem between Pods


I have a communication problem between the Pods.

At the beginning I had 3 machines with MicroK8s, and we had not had any problem between the communications between the pods of the system, but by including a 4th machine with MicroK8s with exactly the same rules and configurations, when a Pod is left in it it cannot communicate with the pods that are in the other machines.

These are the current MicroK8s configurations:

microk8s is running
high-availability: yes
datastore master nodes: <---- These are the main machines that do not have communication problems.
datastore standby nodes: <----- This is the machine that has communication problems between Pods.
dashboard # The Kubernetes dashboard
dns # CoreDNS
ha-cluster # Configure high availability on the current node
helm3 # Helm 3 - Kubernetes package manager
host-access # Allow Pods connecting to Host services smoothly
ingress # Ingress controller for external access
metrics-server # K8s Metrics Server for API access to service metrics
prometheus # Prometheus operator for monitoring and logging
ambassador # Ambassador API Gateway and Ingress
cilium # SDN, fast with full network policy
fluentd # Elasticsearch-Fluentd-Kibana logging and monitoring
gpu # Automatic enablement of Nvidia CUDA
helm # Helm 2 - the package manager for Kubernetes
istio # Core Istio service mesh services
jaeger # Kubernetes Jaeger operator with its simple config
keda # Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling
knative # The Knative framework on Kubernetes.
kubeflow # Kubeflow for easy ML deployments
linkerd # Linkerd is a service mesh for Kubernetes and other frameworks
metallb # Loadbalancer for your Kubernetes cluster
multus # Multus CNI enables attaching multiple network interfaces to pods
portainer # Portainer UI for your Kubernetes cluster
rbac # Role-Based Access Control for authorisation
registry # Private image registry exposed on localhost:32000
storage # Storage class; allocates storage from host directory
traefik # traefik Ingress controller for external access

Their IPs are in the Linux Hosts file, and I really don’t know what could be happening, I hope they can help me!

Thank you very much!