Connection k8s dns to external dns


Greetings, I am looking for some advise on dns configuration.
I am using metallb to give external ip’s to services in the k8s cluster. I want to connect my external dns to kubernetes dns. So if I do: https://plex.home it points to the loadbalancer ip. Any advise would be appreciated.



Not sure I’m getting the question.

How do you point a DNS record to an IP? What is the DNS server for that domain? You usually change the record to point to the A record you want.

Bit I feel I am missing something. Sorry if I didn’t follow your question :slight_smile:



No worries, I may be explaining the problem poorly as I don’t have much experience using dns.
my network has a dns server at The k8s cluster is on that subnet and services exposed on various ip’s( for plex. I want to figure out make it so that on this network I can get plex.home to point to that ip.



What happens if you create an A record pointing to that IP? What is the problem with doing that? (I think if I understand the problem, then I’d be able to give you hopefully a better answer. Sorry :))