Container restart policy feature introduced in v1.27 doesn't interrupt CrashLoopBackOff

Hi, does someone know how to “break” the CrashLoopBackOff container status? I don’t want to wait all the backoff time nor delete the whole pod. I’m using the new features of restarting the container after resizing introduced in Kubernetes v1.27, but it seems that after I resize the container using the Python client, it still waits for the back-off time to finish before trying to run the container again.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.27
Cloud being used: bare-metal

- name: …
image: …
imagePullPolicy: Always
- containerPort: …
- resourceName: cpu
restartPolicy: RestartContainer
- resourceName: memory
restartPolicy: RestartContainer

That seems reasonable - file a GitHub issue?