Control Planes in microk8s

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I’ve setup a 3 node microk8s cluster. In front of that, I have a two node loadbalancer (haproxy, keepalived) with a virtual IP (VIP). The loadbalancer is configured to access the kube-api. It distributes requests to all of the 3 micok8s nodes.

My question now: Can I somehow control on which microk8s nodes the control plane is running, e.g. when I add 20 more nodes, I don’t want to have the control plane running on all the nodes. I would rather like to have the control planes always be running on the first 3 nodes, so that my loadbalancer configuration does not need to be touched/changed.

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Hi @hoba
Not automatically. I’ve written some steps on how to setup worker node only with microk8s here.
Its a series of manual steps though.