CoreDNS on GKE 1.13

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:
Cloud being used: GCP
Installation method: GKE 1.13.7-gke.24

we know that GKE v1.13.x uses kube-dns rather then the core-dns which is now the default on kubernetes v1.13.
we wanted to install manually the core-dns and replace the kube-dns deployment, but seems like in order to do so a feature gate should be enabled (CoreDNS=true) and this is not possible on GKE.

is there any workaround for this issue?


Looking through the GKE docs it does not look possible. I would create an issue on the CoreDNS GitHub and see if they’re are working on a possible work around for this. :slight_smile:

Can you say why?

AFAIK Cause it is not possible at the moment to enable this feature gate or any other actually.
The control plane is managed by gcp hence no changes can be done…

@chen_levi I think this was meant, why do you want to switch to CoreDNS? Is there a feature of it that you’re looking for?

@mrbobbytables the main intention is that core-dns will fix: