Could it be possible to add a China Mirror Image as we can't reach google websites

As in China, We can’t reach google websites, Would you guys please add support for Chinese servers to install Kubernetes easier?.Maybe a mirror image in China?


Indeed, having an official Chinese mirror would be great. Not only for hyperkube and the standard addon images, but also for the pause container, without which no pod will come up.

We solved this by mirroring images on our own to our free repo on Aliyun Container Registry (Shanghai region). Our repo is public (that’s why it’s free), but I’d rather have an official upstream.

I know some of the Chinese Cloud Providers are CNCF members. Maybe one of them would be open to provide an official mirror.

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I’m pleased to report that we’ve already made progress on this front. is now mirrored to, which is a CDN hosted by Alibaba inside the Great Firewall.

We now need to investigate how to mirror container images there as well.


I’m happy to work with ${someone} on how to establish a mirror …



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There are too many sub-threads and boards, I can’t afford to subscribe
to them all.

I am happy to talk about how to do mirrors, both of GCR and of GCS
plain. I have no real experience here, but it doesn’t seem as easy as
“copy files” to me. Who will produce a plan? It has to cover data
integrity and it also will make stats more complicated, so we need to
consider how we get data back.

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