Custom probes for readiness gates

From what I’ve learned about the Kubernetes API, since Kubernetes v1.14, users are able to use readinessGates to request custom conditions to indicate the pod’s readiness. However, they work differently compared to the other probe-based conditions, as I suppose they would be injected by the custom controllers. I was wondering if there’s a way to ask kubelet to probe endpoints other than readiness and health for these custom conditions on the readinessGates. Of course, one obvious solution would be to internally aggregate all those conditions into a single readiness endpoint, but then we would lose the nice structure that could be provided by the custom gates. Other than kubelet, if anyone knows a controller that could implement this probing mechanism in general for these custom conditions, I would be happy to know.

The main thing readinessGates offers is an EXTERNAL condition that the pod itself does not know about (e.g. the upstream load-balancer is ready)