DaemonSet direct access

I deployed an application through DaemonSet with hostNetwork mode in a defined node pool and now I expect to connect directly to each node IP public and access the application ports, but I can’t.

PS: I created the required firewall rule for access to the needed ports on the node pool.
PS: I am using GKE.

Any idea what I missed?

In case you may find it useful, I have a similar use case deployed in GKE. A traefik DaemonSet using hostPorts and a floating IP pointing to the nodes so I can avoid the Load Balancer.

The daemon set is dm-templates/kubernetes-cluster.jinja at master · raelga/dm-templates · GitHub, but the important parts are:

          - name: http
            containerPort: 80
            hostPort: 80
              - ALL
              - NET_BIND_SERVICE

And the firewall rule is: dm-templates/kubernetes-cluster.jinja at master · raelga/dm-templates · GitHub

Thank you @rael . But in this case, I missed the port range access to the pod right?
I should again stick to just one port?
As my services need RTP ports range.