Dashboard proxy on rasberry pi not working

I just started using microk8s, and set up a pi-cluster using by following the “Clustering with MicroK8s” guide on the microk8s website. This works as expected and successfully clusters the nodes. I have now been trying to enable the dashboard to view it from my host box with the dashboard-proxy command. I have also tried running the commands directly found in the microk8s codebase and yield the same error. error: unable to forward port because pod is not running. Current status=Pending. I am new to microk8s & kubernetes as a whole, so I am not sure how to debug it from here. Any ideas?

Edit: So update, I ran this “microk8s kubectl get pods --all-namespaces” command and found

kube-system kubernetes-dashboard-59699458b-phgnz 0/1 Terminating 0 42h


kube-system kubernetes-dashboard-59699458b-7rbzz 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 7h20m

Is this a deadlock? I don’t quite understand.