Deployment Rolling Update

Hello Team,

I have a below requirement. Please let me know what is the recommended way to achieve

I would like the ability to control the number of updated pods that are deployed during a Deployment rolling update. For example, if the number of replicas in a Deployment is 3, and I call for a rolling deployment to the next version of my application, I would like some way to tell the Deployment to update only one pod to the new application version, then pause until further notice. At this point I ask my QA engineers to test the updated pod. When QA signs off, I ask the deployment controller to update the other 2 pods in the Deployment to the new version

If i understand you want something like a blue/green deployment. But you cannot do it on the same deployment manifest, it must be a new deployment all together and then switch the Service to point to the new deployment.

This is a good read Kubernetes Deployment Strategies