Details of the bug in builtin cadvisor (0.37.0) in kubelet of 1.19.2

Hi k8s folks,

Metrics from kubelet 1.19.2 miss some fields like container , image , namespace:

container_threads_max{container="",id="/kubepods/burstable/podeb983a4a-14b1-4c8c-b3f1...",image="",name="",namespace="",pod=""} 0 1610711006938

I’ve tested different versions. Starting from 1.19.5 issue has gone.
However I can’t see such bug in changelog.

In 1.19.5 release notes I can see only [v0.37.0 → v0.37.2].

Then I’ve checked cadvisor release note for v0.37.1 and v0.37.2 but was not able to find a mention of such bug.

Is there a more detailed description of the bug in k8s or cadvisor release notes?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19.2
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method: manually
Host OS: CoreOS
CNI and version: not sure
CRI and version: not sure

Seems details are here: