Docker-in-kubernetes and docker runtime deprecation

Hello everyone,

My question is related to the deprecation of the Docker runtime.
I am working on an application that runs on kubernetes (k3d in local development, and an organization-managed kubernetes in staging/production).
One part of this application pulls an image at runtime and executes it (among other things). To do that, I use a pod that looks like the following (I simplified it to keep only the relevant fields) :

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  # ...
  - image: <our private image (which contains the docker CLI, not the engine)>
    name: <private container name>
  - image: docker:dind
    name: <docker daemon container name>
      privileged: true
    - mountPath: /var/lib/docker
      name: docker-graph-storage
  - emptyDir: {}
    name: docker-graph-storage

During its execution (and only when necessary), the “private” container connects to the docker daemon and essentially (but not exactly) executes docker run <another image> (and sends input/retrieves files with docker cp).

My question is : Is this approach affected by the deprecation of the Docker runtime, as it uses “docker:dind + privileged” ? My bet would be that it’s not, but I’d like to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your answers !

Note : I know this is a very edgy case, and that other solutions might be better. I’m open to suggestions/criticisms, but I’d like to avoid changing this part of the app if possible.