Environments in eks cluster


can anybody suggest how to create diffrent environments in an eks cluster? is it going to be with namespaces or any other option?


It is really a matter of how you want to organize, what requirements on isolation you have and that kind of stuff. It’s a trade off, that may vary in different situations what is best.

For example, you can use different namespaces for different environments. But that might not be flexible enough. Or you may want to upgrade kubernetes version without risking breaking all your environments at the same time, so you may want more clusters.

I think there are some threads in the Google groups group (now unused, but archives should be there). They are very lengthy, be aware :-).

In my experience, I have one cluster for production and one for staging and qa. Staging and QA share the same cluster in different namespaces, and that is all. We upgrade kubernetes on the staging/QA cluster and and after a week without issues, we upgrade in prod too.

Also, in my case, we use different AWS accounts for production and staging, so it was not really an option to use the same cluster. If you have some requirement that makes you split accounts or something, then you don’t need to really think about this :slight_smile:

Oh, and I just realize you asked about EKS. The trade-off is the same (it’s all about k8s clusters), the only thing that I would take into account when using EKS for several clusters is pricing. It is quite expensive (like 150/140 a month just for the Masters :-/)


yep, same situation here:
sharing a cluster and have separation on a namespace basis, whilst having different clusters for production, non production, q/a and testing.