Error Parse Yaml to Json with curl --data


I simply fail to push configuration :

    - /bin/sh
    - -c
    - date; sleep 20 ; echo "Example CronJob for Show Elasticserach Welcome Page"; "/usr/bin/curl -u '{{ .Values.busybox.username }}:{{ .Values.busybox.password }}' --request PUT --header \"Content-Type: application/json\" \"http://{{ }}-{{ .Release.Name }}:9200/_cluster/settings\" -d '{\"transient\": {\"cluster.routing.allocation.cluster_concurrent_rebalance\" : \"8\"} }'\" ; exit 0

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: YAML parse error on cronjob.yaml: error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 26: mapping values are not allowed in this context

I tested in yamlint is ok …

This commande work good :
/usr/bin/curl -u '{{ .Values.busybox.username }}:{{ .Values.busybox.password }}' -XGET \"http://{{ }}-{{ .Release.Name }}:9200

It seems the -d in curl is not accepted ?

Best Regards