Etcd member down after chaning OS from Centos7 to Rocky Linux9

Hi everyone,
I have a k8s cluster(ver. 1.21.10) contains 3 masters(OS: Centos7) 2 workers(OS: Centos7) and 2 LB
I changed the master’s os one by one to Rocky Linux 9, it goes well when I changed the first 2 masters and joined in my cluster, but after changing the 3rd master’s os and join the cluster for 30mins or longer, there’s something wrong with it:

  1. usually the 3rd etcd pod keeps CrashLoopBackOff (sometimes random one);
  2. the machine which etcd keeps CrashLoopBackOff become very slow(I type a letter it appers after 10s and ping more than 1000ms), I checked the CPU and memory usage, neither of them is high;
  3. my cluster recovers after deleting the 3rd etcd member(but in my circumstance I need 3 masters).

etcd Version: 3.4.13

Any help is much appreciated!